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Protection Units (YPG a militia force that the.S. Piteå-Tidningen kan läsas på papper, webb, mobilsajt, app, digitala skärmar och taltidning. Not staying at that, there are serious allegations that the many Gülen-affiliated charter schools in the United States have engaged in systematic fraud that is under FBI investigation. The February standoff raised the very real prospect of a total breakdown in Americas alliance with Turkey. It does have redeeming qualitiesfew Islamic clerics have taken out full-page ads to condemn isis and jihadi terrorism, for example. While there are numerous contentious issues, the serious problems can be boiled down to three distinct sets of issues. Part of the answer lies in Erdoans promotion of conspiracy theories, which we will get to shortly. His disciples have been focused on infiltrating the Turkish state since the 1970s, a fact that led Erdoan to strike a tactical alliance with Gülen in the early days of his tenure, which helped him tremendously in consolidating power.

But the.S.-Turkish relationship is deeper than simply a matter of military bases, and no country, or combination of countries, could readily compensate for a loss of Turkey as an ally. Other political forces in the country, Turkish nationalists included, are not immune from anti-Americanism.

It makes it possible for the.S. And Centcom, in any case, has little love lost for Turkey: memories of the Turkish refusal to allow.S. Pompeos roadmap begins to address this problem. Ansvarig utgivare: Bengt Larsson, nyhetschef: Anders Thelin, digital redaktör: Elin Backlund. Even this proved tolerable to Ankara because, as former.S. This February, the Turkish-American relationship reached rock bottom. The simple fact is there are no good alternatives to Turkey. Erdoans government considers the Gülen Network a terrorist organization, and applies collective punishment to everyone it considers part of the network, and would like the.S. In recent months, Erdoan has even lashed out at the reforms being carried out in Saudi Arabia, decrying the very notion of moderate Islam, while his partys mouthpiece drums up conspiracy theories of American attempts to rob Muslims of their hold on the holy sites. Interests, as it egged on Muhammad Morsi in his ill-fated attempt to grab power through unconstitutional means in Egypt, and supported extremist groups in the Syrian civil war.

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